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Salsa,Bachata,Argentine Tango

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Rusty & Chen performed at 
Bangkok Salsa Fiesta 2009.

We provide dance
performances for corporate
and private events
at reasonable prices. 

Dances include:

-Exciting Salsa Dance


-Brazillian Samba,


-Hip Hop,


-Belly Dance,

-Can Can Dance, 

-Sexy Dance,

-New Jazz,

-Special Choreographed

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Latest Performance :
Salsa - Rueda de Casino
Bachata Moderna 

  Dance Company Profile



About The Team
Montana Dance Team was formed in year 2006. It has 8 dancers at the beginning stage. We have 15 dancers now in year 2011.
Four out of eight of its dancers are performing Salsa. Our Salsa dancers has performed in various Salsa events such as New Zealand Salsa Congress 2011, Bangkok Salsa Fiesta 2009, the prestigious 2007 Malaysian World Salsa Congress & 2008 Malaysia Salsa Festival and many private and corporate functions in Malaysia such as Cultural Festival Opening Ceremony, products launching events, festive season celebrations program.
The dance team has been performing in various corporate annual events such as Intel & Toshiba annual dinner, etc in Hotel Equatorial, G Hotel, Traders Hotel, Corpthorn Hotel, Hotel E & O, Hotel Park Royal, Hotel Tanjung Bungah in Penang Island, Malaysia. 
Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Brazillian Samba, Argentine Tango, Can Can Dance, Bollywood & Belly Dancing, Sexy Dance, MTV Dance, Sexy Jazz Dance, Hip Hop are
the main performance dances for all events.
The Leader of The Team
• Salsa Chen is the team leader of Montaňa Dance Team. She is also the owner of Montaňa Dance & Art Centre in Penang, Malaysia.
 • Salsa Chen was trained to be an Indian Classical Dance performers since young. She then worked as a part time Bollywood dancers during her college years.
• She later worked as a stage performance choreographer for children and teenager concert and festival performances in Kuala Lumpur in year 2002 to 2004.
• In year 2006, she formed Montaňa Dance Team to send the team to perform in various dances at many events and functions. She is also one of the performers.
Dancers of Montaňa Dance Team
Performance at Salsa Dinner & Dance Event in Hotel Excelsior, Ipoh, Malaysia
Christmas Events Dance Performance at Sri Tanjung, E & O Property, Penang, Malaysia
Montana Dance Company in Newspaper
Intro page in The Star on Thursday, 2 December 2010 about our dance performances on the Starwalk day on 12 December 2010.
The Star writing about all dance performances on the 10 December 2010, Friday. We are happy to present our dances - Brazillian Samba, Salsa, Bachata mix Merengue for the event.
Latest Updates:
Dance Performance in KL in September 2013
Studio Dance Party in March 2013!
Salsa Intermediate Dance Class 2013
Salsa Party in April, Penang 2012!
Monthly Studio Salsa Party to revise 
dance steps and learn some new moves!
For more photos, click here! 

Salsa Montana in Bangkok, April 2012!
Salsa in New Zealand 2011 
Salsa Social Dance by Rusty in 2011!
Zouk Lambada Workshop by James 
Quinn-Hawtin on 17 Dec 11!

This is Zouk Lambada Dance :
Salsa Montana Performed at
New Zealand Salsa Congress 2011  


Rusty & Chen with Jamie & Josie.
They attended their workshop in
New Zealand Salsa Congress 2011
and private sessions with 
Jamie Jesus from Australia.

Salsa Montana Crew performing Salsa,
Bachata and Merengue at The Starwalk


We teach salsa classes
with good techniques.
For Salsa dance lessons,
Email us at!

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